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Honoring the King of kings

By and large, Christians continue to watch in silence regarding the issues undermining our culture. These issues include everything from abortion,...

Every issue is a gospel issue

Wokeism, Marxist ideology, gender confusion and other leftist dogmas continue to establish themselves in Western culture... And God's people -- for...

The power of your words

The average person speaks somewhere between 7,000 and 20,000 words per day. The numbers vary according to one's living situation, job and...

Rising up to lead

Most people do not see themselves as leaders. So they watch and hope and pray someone will appear who can save us from our troubles. Watching,...

Kevin W. Testimonial | Made for Dominion Ministries Blog | Lakeland, FL

“I love the way this material is helping my marriage. It’s not that it’s specifically about marriage, but a better marriage is what’s emerging as I’m understanding more about God’s call on my life as a man.”

–Kevin W.

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