Does it seem like you’re living in perpetual defeat?

by | Feb 7, 2024

“When men lose their identity in their Creator, they seek to base it on their performance rather than focus on the outworking of their manly duties.”
~ Alastair Roberts

It is very common for men to find their identity in their performance.

This is understandable to a point since God wired men to achieve.

But when men tie their identity to how well they are doing with any given task or goal, it has negative consequences.

It leads to a life that swings between highs and lows…

If you are performing well, life is good!

But if your performance is subpar, a cloud hangs over… and your view of yourself and circumstances is dark.

This performance-based approach to identity makes men anxious, moody and unsteady.

It can lead them to feel like they’re always coming up short.

Living in perpetual defeat.

The only way to overcome this is for men to find their identity in their Creator rather than their performance.

How well we do will always vary.

And our outcomes are affected by so many factors outside of our control.


Our identity is constant when we find it in the loving God who made us.

We can know with confidence…

No matter what happens, we bear His image…

And we have a calling to do life with Him… and with His help… wherever He has us.

With this truth in our hearts…

We are free to focus on the duties before us…

Leaving every outcome in the hands of God’s good providence…

As He fulfill His purpose through the unfolding story of our lives.

Keep your identity anchored in the Lord.

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