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God made you for good works

Christians don't talk much about good works these days. I suppose it is for fear of appearing legalistic or contrary to grace. But doing good does...

Choosing humility over pride

As a backslidden nation, the last thing we need is a celebration of pride. Humility is what's in order, and may God help us find it. The Bible says...

Who else feels useless?

Everyone I know wants their life to count and make a difference. But so many look at themselves and wonder... "What have I accomplished?" "Does my...

Life moves forward

My wife and I just watched one of our sons graduate. There are always a jumble of thoughts and feelings that come at such events. Such as......

Kevin W. Testimonial | Made for Dominion Ministries Blog | Lakeland, FL

“I love the way this material is helping my marriage. It’s not that it’s specifically about marriage, but a better marriage is what’s emerging as I’m understanding more about God’s call on my life as a man.”

–Kevin W.

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