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Speaking truth to power

We need to get better at speaking truth to power. If enough of us did, it would lead to a lot of good. Maybe even save a lot of lives. But speaking...

Producing beats consuming

We live in a consumer culture. Where the desire to consume dominates our attention. We see this in... -The mass consumption of entertainment, news,...

Dominion by self-restraint

God's basic mission for humanity is to rule and develop this world with Him (Gen. 1:28; 2:15). He has called us--in other words--to get dominion....

Kevin W. Testimonial | Made for Dominion Ministries Blog | Lakeland, FL

“I love the way this material is helping my marriage. It’s not that it’s specifically about marriage, but a better marriage is what’s emerging as I’m understanding more about God’s call on my life as a man.”

–Kevin W.

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