Reviving Our Nation: From Faith to Politics

by | Jun 28, 2024

Observing American politics can provoke all kinds of sentiments:

Amusement, bewilderment, embarrassment, frustration, anger, fear and more.

But beyond these feelings, it raises critical questions…

How did we get here? And, what can we do?

In response, we must remember…

Our politics reflect our culture.

And our culture reflects our faith.

So if we want to see a change and upgrade in politics, we must address the roots.

We need a reformation of faith where the gospel first transforms individual hearts and lives.

Then renews families, churches and organizations of all kinds.

And ultimately bears fruit in wise, capable civil rulers.

This connection between politics, culture, and faith reveals there’s significant work ahead.

It may seem daunting, but there are meaningful actions you can take:

1) Trust in God who raised Jesus from the dead to uplift us to a better state.

2) Pray constantly for the Spirit to renew and reform our time.

3) Follow Christ as Lord in every aspect of your life, bringing a redeeming influence to your own immediate culture.

Don’t let our current politics immobilize you.

Instead, let it drive you to greater faithfulness.

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