Right now counts forever

by | Feb 6, 2024

Something we don’t consider enough is that God’s kingdom will never end.

And this ought to have a bearing on what we do every day.

As the book of Daniel puts it…

God is setting up a kingdom that will never be destroyed…

It will crush all earthly kingdoms, yet it will stand forever (Dan. 2:44)

As the Gospel of Luke assures us…

‘… of His kingdom there shall be no end (Lk. 1:33).

Because of the everlasting nature of God’s kingdom, everything we do has eternal consequences.

Let that sink in.

And affect the decisions you make today.

Especially regarding how you use your time, spend your money and treat others.

Will what you are about to do have the impact on eternity you want?

As the late R.C. Sproul used to say…

“Right now counts forever.”

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