Speaking truth to power

by | Sep 22, 2023

We need to get better at speaking truth to power.

If enough of us did, it would lead to a lot of good.

Maybe even save a lot of lives.

But speaking truth to power is hard.

It takes courage and wisdom.

So we need help.

To that end, I want to point you to an obscure Bible character named Ebed-melech.

Ebed-melech was a servant to King Zedekiah in the last days of Old Testament Jerusalem (Jer. 38-39).

What stands out about this servant is that he had a good sense of what was right… and he did not shy away from telling his direct authority about it.

One time Ebed-melech told Zedekiah that Jeremiah was thrown into a cistern — and he better rescue him (Jer. 38:7-13)

Another time he told the king he should allow himself to be taken into exile, despite his fears, for his own good (38:14-23).

Zedekiah listened to Ebed-melech in the first instance.

He didn’t in the second.

But what matters for us is that Ebed-melech spoke up.

Because he TRUSTED GOD (Jer. 39:18)…

Which is the indespensible requirement for speaking truth to power.

For a current day example of speaking truth to power…

Watch this pastor address police officers at a drag queen event.

Pastor Confronts Police

This is really worth watching.

The pastor not only demonstrates how to boldly yet respectfully engage those in authority…

He gives quite a lesson on the proper role of civil officials.

After watching, ask God to help you become better at speaking truth to power.

If enough of us get in the practice, you never know what He might do.


Have mercy…

Give us the grace we need to trust you…

And the courage to speak up when we ought to.


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