Will the future be woke?

by | Mar 14, 2023

In recent years we’ve been in the midst of a woke revolution.

And it seems like wokeness is here to stay.

But is our future really woke?

I don’t believe so.

For our purpose here I define wokeness as:

Accepting or promoting social views that run contrary to God’s design for reality.

So, for example, we can consider the following current ideas woke:

– Gender is something fluid and changeable

– Justice requires equal outcomes, not just equitable treatment

– Laws are mere human constructs that shouldn’t get in the way of living however we want

– Racism is inescapable for some people

– And oppression is a given for those in certain socio-economic classes

These ideas have become well established in our most basic social institutions–like education, the legal system and big business.

But that doesn’t mean they’re permanent.

And I don’t think they will be…

They are contrary to the way God made the world…

And in the long run reality always wins.

From the beginning God has given us realities such as:

– Males and females made in His image

– A true standard of justice found in His laws

– And blessings and curses linked to our faithfulness to Him

God built these realities right into His order of creation.

And though wokedom might seek to wish them away in the quest for a new, godless, man-centered reality…

He will always have the last word… as He restores all things.

This was assured when Jesus said “It is finished”… as He came to save the world with the price of His blood.

So I see our present experiment with wokeness as a long, destructive aberration…

But it will run its course.

And by God’s grace people will one day ask “What were we thinking?” as they begin to seek His order again.

Some people are doing this now.

And seeking to realign our existence to His design is a very good thing to be a part of.

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