Wired for connection

by | May 23, 2023

From the beginning God wired us for connection.

Connection with Him.

And connection with others.

The purpose of these connections is simple…

It’s to fulfill God’s mandate to rule and cultivate the earth with Him and for Him.


Due to the Fall, these connections broke.

Which separated us from God and our fellows.

Leaving us in isolation.

And doing life alone.

This is bad.

Functioning on your own messes with your identity, hope and reason for living.

Left unaddressed, it makes you depressed…

And leads to self-destructive activities like…



Binge watching TV.


Or just staring at a screen all day.

These are all ways of coping with our hunger for connection.

But they never satisfy.

Because our need for connection can only be fulfilled through Jesus.

Since He is the One who restores our relationship with the Father, and others.

By taking away our guilt and shame.

And putting us back in position to live in union with God and in fellowship with people.

Despite this good news…

The world, flesh and the devil are conspiring to keep you isolated.

And functioning alone.

But you can resist it.

And you must.

God has wired you to live in connection.

So you must keep turning to Him.

And must initiate and maintain contact with others.

Don’t wait for things to change or happen on their own.

The initiative is now yours.

Because God has given you His spirit.



Open your Bible.

Call somebody.

Build a network of friends.

Acquire a God-given vision for your life.

And pursue it.

While resisting isolation.

This is the only way to stay whole.

And fulfill God’s purpose for you.

So do it.

It all arises from God’s love for us.

And the two greatest commandments…

Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

And loving your neighbor as yourself.

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