Beware of manhood that’s all hat and no cowboy

by | Sep 7, 2023

There’s a revived interest in masculinity in our culture.

Which is good!


I say ‘mostly’ because with this revived interest has come a temptation for some men to be ‘all hat and no cowboy.’

That is…

There are guys who are more focused on looking the part of a man than actually functioning as one.

This may express itself by appearing macho…

Or letting their wives know they are ‘the man of the house.’

Or just being inconsiderate, because they think they can.

However expressed, this approach is neither appealing nor effective.

Therefore, every man should seek to grow in the qualities of true manhood.

Which include:

– leading with loving authority

– providing vision

– cultivating others

– sacrificing

– and taking responsibility

No man has been or ever will be perfect in these attributes–this side of eternity.

And for many men…

There may be a need to humble themselves, repent, and ask forgiveness of those close to them…

Which would be a great step… to avoid being ‘all hat and no cowboy.’

And develop more of the kind of men we need.

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