There’s No Place for Self-Loathing

by | Sep 22, 2020

Even though the Apostle Paul regarded himself as the worst of sinners, there’s no sign of him ever wallowing in self-loathing.

He knew God’s had fully covered his transgressions through His grace. And because Paul knew he was under no condemnation, he was totally liberated to fulfill the mission God had for him.

The experience of Paul is a good reminder…

Yes, you may feel unworthy of being used by God. And you may carry shame and regret over things in the past, but God’s power to redeem is greater than these things.

And in Christ He’s redeemed you so you would not only be forgiven, but have a heart set free to serve Him with your gifts.

So, for those who belong to God, there’s no place for self-loathing.

As Paul Himself said, we’re to forget what lies behind and press forward to what lies ahead. We’re to use our gifts, time and energy serving Him with joy and gratitude.

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