What’s Wrong with Socialism?

by | Sep 22, 2020

Each day I write about something related to the dominion mandate (or God’s call to rule and cultivate the world for His glory).

Today’s no different… as I give my own view why socialism is such an irredeemably flawed economic system… one that deprives people of life’s necessities and keeps them from fulfilling God’s intended purpose.

So… what makes socialism so bad?

For one, socialism doesn’t work!

Schemes to redistribute wealth have been tried many times. They come with a promise of utopia, yet they always fail.

Our Puritan forefathers even tried socialism for a season and almost starved to death. And more recently, the once prosperous Venezuela now suffers extreme want thanks to socialism.

The socialist approach has already shown itself disastrous. No need trying it again.

History has proven it a fantasy that leads to nothing but corruption and poverty.

Which brings us to another inherent flaw of socialism…

Socialism appeals to our baser nature.

There’s nothing about socialism that elevates one’s character. And within socialist regimes you’ll find little that inspires greater faith, hope and love.

Rather you’ll find the opposite.

By appealing to covetousness, socialism creates discontent, promotes malice and justifies theft. And it even seeks to institutionalize its vile spirit to the detriment of us all.

This flaw is deeply embedded in socialism’s DNA… because at the heart of socialism is a desire to create the good life without God.

This, of course, can’t be done… and it only hollows out the souls of those who seek it.

Which leads to a final point…

Socialism strips us of our humanity by reducing life to nothing but the fulfillment of physical needs and desires.

If you listen to the socialist agenda, it never aspires to anything great.  There’s no vision for anything glorious… or even beyond the physical. It just harps on humanity’s basic needs.

There are necessities we all need, for sure… but they aren’t the end-all.

God’s kingdom and His righteousness hold that place. And interestingly, He promises that as we seek these things first, everything we need will be added unto us.

Living in such a way requires faith. Sacrifice too.

But this is how we live out our full humanity,… while serving others and developing the world with His gifts.

Socialism can never deliver the good God has in mind for us.

To experience that, we must trust and obey Him.

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