The essential ingredient to fulfilling your calling

by | Mar 16, 2023

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13).

The Apostle Paul was extremely brilliant.

He had the equivalent of two PhDs by the time he was twenty-one years old…

He spoke multiple languages…

And could easily engage people at the highest levels of society.

But remarkably…

It isn’t Paul’s brilliance that made him so effective in his calling…

It’s something more fundamental.

It’s that He carried out his calling in complete dependence on Christ.

This is what made him a man who changed the world!

Throughout his letters Paul speaks repeatedly of being ‘in Christ’ as a way of expressing his reliance on Him.

And this reliance allowed him to…

Make the most of his God-given talents…

Overcome the hardships and persecutions he faced…

And fulfill God’s purpose for His life.

From this we discover the essential ingredient for any of us to fulfill our callings today.

And that is to…

Look to Jesus and depend on Him in everything.

It’s in Him you’ll find both your greatest assurance and greatest power.

And it’s as you abide in Him you will accomplish your most significant work.

So thank God for your gifts and experience.

Develop them and make the most of them.

But don’t make them your superpower.

Your real power comes from turning to Christ, following Him and resting in His favor as a way of life.





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